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August 23rd, 2013

Recent Study Arguing that Atheists are more Intelligent than Religious People is missing Several Key Factors

by Max Andrews

The recent paper “The Relation Between Intelligence and Religiosity” published in Personality and Social Psychology Review argued that atheists tend to be more intelligent than religious people. The research has frontloaded the study on faulty assumptions and is missing a key factor—a correspondence of worldview to truth.

First and foremost, the research and data gathering is commendable but the assumptions and hidden premises within the study are unsound.

The study associates atheism as non-conformity when stating, “more intelligent people are less likely to conform to religious orthodoxy” (p. 16). This is a category error. If atheism does not conform to the religious majority it still conforms to the non-conformist minority. When this is applied in majority atheist societies, a la Scandinavia, it’s more so dismissed nonchalantly though this criterion is still applied elsewhere in more religious countries (pp. 17, 22). Therefore, non-conformity should not be a measure of intelligence because some societies are religious and others are not; thus, atheism can be either conformist or non-conformist depending on the country, so it can’t be measured that way.

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August 4th, 2012

The Social Darwinian Revolution

by Max Andrews

Evolutionary Theories of Marriage and Mating

“All those who have most closely studied the subject, and whose judgment is worth much more than mine, believe that communal marriage was the original and universal form throughout the world, including the intermarriage of brothers and sisters.”  Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man, Book II, pp. 358-358

The Kinsey Revolution (Alfred Kinsey)

  • Grew up in South Orange, NJ
  • Classmates predicted as “second Darwin”
  • Earned doctorate from Harvard, majoring in animal and plant taxonomy
  • Early work on gall wasps, but switched focus to human sexuality in 1930’s
  • By 1940’s received funding from the National Academy of Sciences and Rockefeller Foundation for study of human sexuality
  • Sexual Behavior in the Human Male released in 1948.
  • Reduced sexuality in the “human animal” to the product of normal mammalian biology
  • Claimed his research was neutral and value-free, but his comments undercut this claim
  • Kinsey’s unorthodox personal life
  • Pressured associates to engage in mutual sex
  • Engaged in masochistic sexual activities
  • Pressured students to submit to invasive interviews
  • Hated religion
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April 26th, 2012

The Historical Challenge to Miracles

by Max Andrews

Sociologist Ernst Troelstsch’s objection to miracles:  the principle of historical analogy.  In essence this principle states the historian has no right to accept as historical fact the account of a past event for which he has no analogy in the present.  For example, if one were to read of a great battle in ancient times in which one army massacres another without suffering a single casualty itself, one would be suspect of its authenticity.  To quote Troelstsch, “God never does miracles today, at least I’ve never seen one.  Therefore, I have no reason to believe that he did them in the past.”

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