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May 3rd, 2014

Liberty University Continues Its Downward Spiral: Promoting the Mormon Gospel

by Max Andrews

Recently, Liberty University had its last convocation, which had Glenn Beck as the speaker. Let me define a few things first. Convocation is not necessarily a church or chapel service. Convocation usually involves a guest speaker intended to promote an idea [of missiology, apologetics, theology, bibliology, history, politics ::sigh::]. Convocation isn’t a church service and whoever thinks it is should, please point out to me the church government for Convocation…

(Here’s the clip of Glen Beck’s speech… listen to the whole thing.)

With that being said, Glenn Beck… I’m not going to talk about his politics but this is about his theology. Liberty has recently slipped up with Benny Hinn affiliations… Yes, that Benny Hinn. But, the slippery slope for Liberty isn’t a straight cliff but it’s a very, very gradual one that won’t get noticed. (I have a particular executive or two in mind…)

July 31st, 2013

Q&A 30: Does Ken Ham Preach Heresy?

by Max Andrews

Q&A GraphicQuestion:


My final e-mail about YE matters:

I wrote the following to the elders I correspond with at [a church]*. They replied that heresy was probably too strong a word to apply to Ken Ham. I’m not sure I’m persuaded.

January 28th, 2013

Q&A 8: The Logical Coherence of the Trinity

by Max Andrews

Q&A GraphicQuestion:


Do you know of any viable philosophical-theological conceptualizations of the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity which capture the fullness of the doctrine whilst not lapsing into the heresies of either Modalism, Tritheism or, of course, any form of Unitarianism? Thank you for all you do.

– B. P. Burnett.



Thanks for your question! I chose this one for this week because I happen to use the Trinity as an example in my philosophy class when teaching logic, which I’m currently teaching. So, this is rather good timing!

To give a recollection for those who may not be familiar with the Orthodox doctrine of the Trinity and important heresies I’ve provided a simple chart:

February 29th, 2012

Important Heresies and Orthodoxy

by Max Andrews

Important Heresies and Orthodoxy







1st Century

Denied—only an appearance of humanity



2nd Century


Denied—Jesus was natural son of Joseph and Mary


4th Century


Denied—Jesus was not eternal; similar to, but not same as God Condemned by Nicea, 325


4th Century

Divine Logos replaced human spirit


Condemned by Constantinople, 680


5th Century

Christ was two Persons

Condemned by Ephesus, 431
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