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October 28th, 2013

Why I’m a Christian: Marvin

by Max Andrews

Why I'm A ChristianWhy I am a Christian: I was raise by Atheist parents, I had in my youth learned most of the atheist arguments against God and used them to please my mother and convince myself I was right. In my teens I had followed the path of Atheism and remained antagonistic to Christians and Christianity. Where I was raised were many Mennonites, these farming community kids had nothing to say against my ideas and had even less interest in being in my company while I lived as drug dealer in my High School.

April 4th, 2012

Why I’m a Christian: Charlie

by Max Andrews

I was raised in a few different households. My mother was addicted to drugs and my father was running around on her. I was taken in by my father when my mom was deemed unfit to have custody of me. My stepmother was the woman my father had been seeing while he was married and saw me as a reminder of my mother, but played the part of caring mother to please my father.

I was beat, harassed, and ridiculed by my stepmother for the sole reason of not being her child. To her, I was a constant reminder of a burden that she had no intention to bear. I recall her taking me with her children to church on the “important days” of Easter and Christmas. She claimed she was a believer of God.

My grandmother, who had adopted my mother, got to see me every other weekend. I recall that she would take me to church whenever I was spending the weekend with her and worked hard to get me to see all that Christianity had to offer. She truly was a loving woman. When she was seven years old she was given 7 months to live and she lived to be 70, dying 7 days after being admitted to the hospital and 7 hours after I had last visited her. I did not see it then.