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October 4th, 2012

Terms for Budding Apologists

by Max Andrews

The follow is a list of terms every beginning apologist should know.

  1. Christ of Faith—The theological person of Jesus
  2. Historical Jesus—The actual person/man Jesus who walked the earth
  3. Source Criticism—Attempt to trace back the literary source of the Gospels
  4. Synoptic Problem—How do we account for the similarities and differences between the synoptics?
  5. Two Document Theory—Mark, earliest Gospel, gives framework but lacks much teaching and from Q
  6. Q—(1890) Source that contained many of the sayings and teachings
  7. Form Criticism—An analysis of the forms in which the narratives of the Gospels come down to us
  8. Demythologize—Getting rid of miracles and get to the sole teaching of Jesus—Gospels not historical, spiritual truths, dropping theological claims (Bultmann)
  9. Criterion of Double Dissimilarity—Something that Jesus said that was either according to early Judaism or early Church Jesus probably didn’t say
  10. Criterion of Multiple Attestation—Many sources giving the same account
  11. Criterion of Embarrassment—If the information could potentially damage the truth to the claim it was probably true
  12. Redaction Criticism—Effects of the editor’s own literary styles and theological presuppositions as put together in the Gospel accounts
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