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I am a Philosophy [of science] PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  My research is on the ontology of the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics as well as fine-tuning problems. I have been published in several journals. I’ve also presented at several professional conferences such as the Evangelical Philosophical Society and Tyndale House Philosophy of Religion Group in Cambridge, England. I’m also an academic journal referee.

My graduate research was in philosophy of science and religion.  My thesis was on the fine-tuning argument from cosmology and physics in multiverse scenarios.  I lectured at Liberty University for three years and lectured in logic, existentialism, metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of science, theological liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, personhood, free will and determinism, theological fatalism, axiology, the moral argument for the existence of God, various cosmological arguments for the existence of God, the fine-tuning argument for the existence of God, and the problem of evil.

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Nicole Davis (Editor)

Nicole is completing her undergraduate degree in History at Liberty University. Afterwards, she would like to determine more specifically her future education goals through employment in the field of politics working with campaigns and conservative organizations. She enjoys reading, coffee, shopping, and visiting her hometowns in Illinois and Washington. Her faith is the utmost focus as she seeks to fulfill God’s purpose for her life.

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