New Book: An Introduction to Molinism

by Max Andrews

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.31.48 PMUPDATE: The book has been delayed for a few reasons but it should be out by Saturday or Sunday.

This Friday, 6 June 2014 I’ll be publishing my new book¬†An Introduction to Molinism: Scripture, Reason, and All that God has Ordered. This ebook is designed to introduce Molinism and middle knowledge to those who are interested in it. This isn’t a tome intended to have answers to everything.

I attempt to render the coherence of middle knowledge. Molinism is the application of the doctrine of middle knowledge so soteriology, providence, etc. are peripheral in my discussion. This introduction primarily concerns middle knowledge and looks at perfect being theology, human depravity, human freedom, and divine freedom. All of this takes place in the discipline of philosophical theology, formulating concepts of God (miracles, prayer, etc.) based in revelation. Middle knowledge is derived from theological and rational reflection. In the book I argue for the legitimacy of philosophy and science and their proper place in hermeneutics and exegesis.

My hope is not to convert people to Molinism, although that would be nice, but rather to give them a taste of the Molinist thought. If you’ve ever gone wine tasting consider this a small glass of, I hope, fine wine. My hope is that it’s amicable with your pallet and the tannins are just right. Naturally, you’d want to follow up and get the bottle, which would be other major authors like William Lane Craig, Thomas Flint, Alfred Freddoso, and Ken Keathley.

Here’s the promotional benefit for you if you buy:

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  1. Thats great, I hope you demolish the misconception. One question though under Molinism what happens to those who never heard about God?

  2. It seems to me that they’ll be judged based on what they would have done had they been given a fair chance, per Matthew 11: 20-24.

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