Fickleness of Life

by Max Andrews

“Here’s the real question—do you have the courage to take your finger out of the dam and blow the whole thing up, instead?”

2 Comments to “Fickleness of Life”

  1. You love your Lost series though. I can understand the obsession 😛

  2. Can’t say I watched much LOST. But for a moment after reading your quotation I was reminded of the analogy that the brain-mind functions in a relatively conservative manner once it has incorporated/fully integrated a belief system which is like setting up a dam or firewall inside one’s head, and when leaks occur in the dam (I.e., questions regarding this or that point in one’s belief system) one is far more likely to plug them up one by one with one’s fingers rather than blow the dam and let the sea of questions wash over yourself until you have to go about building another whole new dam, or perhaps give up dam building altogether and learn to swim in a sea of questions. Another analogy is that a belief system is like a house, and it is far easier to rearrange the furniture inside one’s belief system than move to an entirely different house in some far away neighborhood, and that’s what our brain-minds do, they try to maintain the status quo until a belief system is nibbled away bite by bite and finally eventually dies the death of a thousand qualifications.

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