Liberty University Continues Its Downward Spiral: Promoting the Mormon Gospel

by Max Andrews

Recently, Liberty University had its last convocation, which had Glenn Beck as the speaker. Let me define a few things first. Convocation is not necessarily a church or chapel service. Convocation usually involves a guest speaker intended to promote an idea [of missiology, apologetics, theology, bibliology, history, politics ::sigh::]. Convocation isn’t a church service and whoever thinks it is should, please point out to me the church government for Convocation…

(Here’s the clip of Glen Beck’s speech… listen to the whole thing.)

With that being said, Glenn Beck… I’m not going to talk about his politics but this is about his theology. Liberty has recently slipped up with Benny Hinn affiliations… Yes, that Benny Hinn. But, the slippery slope for Liberty isn’t a straight cliff but it’s a very, very gradual one that won’t get noticed. (I have a particular executive or two in mind…)

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 10.36.35 PMBeck spoke at commencement a few years ago. It was actually my undergrad commencement in 2010. Commencement is not a church service and it’s not Convocation. Commencement is intended to motivate graduating individuals to move on in life, impact the world, blah blah [everything Millennials want to do]. I didn’t have a problem with Beck speaking at Commencement.

However, I do have a problem with Liberty promoting Glen Beck as he preaches a false gospel during Convocation. If Beck spoke about some political thing ::yawn, yawn:: then so be it. That’s not what happened. Beck identified himself as a Mormon and said it’s simply a different denomination from Christianity.

False. Mormonism is the most polytheistic religion ever. Eventually everyone will become their own god and have their own universe. Glenn Beck denies the Trinity (STAH, Liberty! Stop right there! If one can’t get the basics right then don’t let the heretic preach a false gospel!).

My intent isn’t to exegete everything that was said. My intent is to raise further concern for Liberty. I think it’s about time some willing alumni get some strong chains and a lock and stand guard over the entrance to the school like Falwell Sr. would have said. It certainly doesn’t seem like the administration is willing to do this. The Board of Trustees…. Oh, well I’m sure they just loved Beck’s donation. I can hear them saying, “Please, speak to us, speak!” as they count the dollars.

You know… I wonder… has anyone ever made a donation earmarked towards the pay of the professors–the faculty–the heart of the university? Or, is everything about parking lots, sports, and other secondary things?

Liberty, stop. Get yourself together. Condemn Mormonism as a cult and false gospel! Don’t give me this, “Oh, I don’t know his heart…” because that’s crap and Paul would smack you with the book of Galatians and Jesus is going to have some stronger things for you…

Jonathan Merritt at Religion News Service has some good insights about the issue. Please read his material for more commentary.

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  1. Agreed. Christians have accepted so much dilution that the followers of essentials are not the “outside.” It’s having a negative effect throughout society. God have mercy and give American preachers backbone for at least the essentials, and enough sense to go back to thinkers of earlier eras when such mattered.

  2. Best comment ever: ::Don’t give me this, “Oh, I don’t know his heart…” because that’s crap and Paul would smack you with the book of Galatians::

  3. Lol very true Brendan, I am disappointed in LU though, why did they sell out like this, where is the standard of holiness??

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