Brain effects from marijuana… Well, we didn’t see that coming!

by Max Andrews

I’m a conservative libertarian. I’m socially conservative and I believe in a limited government. I’m more of an idealist than a pragmatist. When it comes to the issue of medical [or even non-medicinal] substances I believe it should be privatized. I think the only role government should have in such circumstances is that when I purchase something for a headache that I’m actually getting what I’m intending to buy; that is, if I wan aspirin it should be illegal to sell rat poison as aspirin.

Okay, marijuana. I’ve never done marijuana. I don’t know know the feeling. However, I think there are governments with different and inconsistent standards. Not too long ago I had a conversation with someone who worked for a rehab and he said that if alcohol were introduced to the market today it would be illegal. From my research, admittedly, I haven’t devoted much to it but I consider myself informed, alcohol is much worse than marijuana.

It’s an issue of privacy, moderation, and personal responsibility. It’s not the government’s place in all cases. (An exception would be taking a poisonous substance for the sake of committing suicide–intentional or unintentional–for example.) The Washington Post came out with an article from the National Survey of Drug Use indicating that marijuana use affects the brain… It’s okay if you let out a big sigh. I did. This is a bit old.

In my opinion, it doesn’t necessarily change the debate over the legalization. It’s about personal responsibility. Don’t drink and drive! Don’t operate heavy machinery in non-lucid states. Just stop doing stupid stuff!

I’m not pro-drug use. Drugs are addictive and it’s easy to become enslaved to it [just like with tobacco and alcohol]. Meth is ridiculous. STAY AWAY FROM THAT STUFF! Anyways, I thought I would share this article since I found it interesting and educational.

The days when people thought only heavy Cheech-and-Chong pot smokers suffered cognitive consequences may be over. A study in The Journal of Neuroscience says even casual marijuana smokers showed significant abnormalities in two vital brain regions important in motivation and emotion.

“Some of these people only used marijuana to get high once or twice a week,” said co-author Hans Breiter, quoted in Northwestern University’s Science Newsline. Breiter hailed the study as the first to analyze the effects of light marijuana use. “People think a little recreational use shouldn’t cause a problem, if someone is doing OK with work or school,” he said. “Our data directly says this is not the case.”

“This study raises a strong challenge to the idea that casual marijuana use isn’t associated with bad consequences,” he added.

The study analyzed 20 pot smokers and 20 non-pot smokers between 18 and 25. Scientists asked them to estimate how much marijuana they smoked and how often they lit up over a three-month test period. Even those who smoked once a week showed brain abnormalities, while larger changes were seen in those who smoked more.

Marijuana is by far the most recognizable drug in the United States, with almost 19 million people reporting recent use, according to the National Survey on Drug Use. Cultural attitudes toward the drug are changing fast. What would have been inconceivable a generation ago — the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana — has happened in several states over the last several years. Nascent industries around the plant have sprouted in Colorado and Washington since they legalized the drug.

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11 Comments to “Brain effects from marijuana… Well, we didn’t see that coming!”

  1. Eating McDonald’s two or three times a week also causes digestive and metabolic issues. Processed foods are often hard for the body to break down, gathering as much enzymes and protein as possible, yet our food is filled with chemical compounds that inhibit the seratonin process. If we are going to apply morality to our conclusions, then we at least better start being consistent with all intakes.

  2. Well I think you miss the point of the article oh well.

  3. If you want to be logically consistent, it looks like to me like you are saying we should start by making alcohol illegal, and we should also keep/make marijuana illegal. We would be expanding the drug war to include alcohol. This didn’t work very well during the Prohibition Era, just like the illegalization of marijuana hasn’t worked well during the Drug War Era. Oh, and just like the Law didn’t work out too well for ancient Israel.

    Are you happy about all the marijuana users and dealers who are behind bars, making the USA by far the biggest prison state on the planet? Is rotting in prison good for a person’s health?

    Also, I can see Shaun’s point. Since you are purportedly so concerned about health, where are all your other posts on this topic?

    • I think you need to watch your torch and pitchfork, Martin. This isn’t about HEALTH per se. It’s more along the lines of “DUH, We knew there were effects of such drugs.” I’m beginning to think you so the word marijuana and lit your torch and grabbed your pitchfork without really reading what I said about the article.

    • Oh, as far as my concern for health, maybe you can do a search for “Crohn’s” on the site. Maybe you’ll see my focus on health. Your ignorance is showing, Martin. As someone who has to make hospital trips every other month for scans, infusions, visits, and a whole slew of things I think you better keep your ignorance in your brain for now. (I doubt you’d still even look up “Crohn’s” and the related treatments and diet. I thin you may find you too comfortable in complacent ignorance.

  4. Never mind my last post. Just delete it please. I have no idea why you posted that on this blog.

  5. I was referring to what Shaun said since he draw a comparison with the negative effects with fast food. Contrary to which people think marijuana is not harmless, thats how I understand the article.

  6. Contrary to which people think marijuana is not harmless, thats how I understand the article.

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