Concerns for Liberty University… It’s not Looking Good

by Max Andrews

UPDATE 21 APRIL 2014: I just received an email (to be disclosed later) from Johnnie Moore saying that they have never and are not partnering with Benny Hinn. I don’t know if he’s playing some type of semantic game but I also asked him, as one last request, to explain or reconcile the contradictions [below]. I called Benny Hinn Ministries and spoke with a kind gentleman and confirmed that they are in the works with partnering with Liberty University. I got the whole conversation on recorded audio and will be released soon. Liberty, Johnnie, Ron Godwin… STOP LYING!

I love Liberty University. I want to get that out from the very beginning so readers will have an initial filter by which to understand my concern. My concern is that Liberty is spiraling down a bad path [and has been]. The straw that broke the camel’s back is Liberty’s new affiliation with Benny Hinn. Yeah, that Benny Hinn, the heretic…

Liberty denies partnering with Benny Hinn:

But this is easily falsifiable. Here are a few sites where alumni and others have done research:


I’ve started making emails and phone calls (all of which have been and are being recorded) to go through the proper channels to get questions answered. Once I’ve exhausted all I can do [from Scotland!] then I’ll share all my emails and recorded phone conversations.

I worked for the university for several years and earned a BS and an MA. I cannot speak in the language of financial contributions, I’ll never have a building named after me, but I can speak in the language of reputation. Liberty has the potential to put out many scholars to world class universities for terminal degrees (me being one of them).

From what I understand the administration has made efforts to improve the scholastic status of the university–to compete in academia like it should. However, partnering with a heretic does not make Champions for Christ… I could speculate as to why LU would partner with this heretical millionaire but that’s a drop in the bucket of LU’s net $1 billion net worth in assets.

I’ll have more to come. I have to call half-way across the globe so they won’t call me. I’ve sent out emails to the appropriate people to try to [politely] get as much information as I can (as well as explain why there are so many contradicting claims and evidences…).

There will be more to come. I care too much about my alma mater to see them do this. Alumni need to do the same thing.

Don’t call Alumni Relations because they don’t care [unless you’re probably giving them money, but that’s just a guess]. I was told to contact the Center for Global Engagement (see email excerpt below):

Mr. Andrews,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to us for clarification before maligning us to your audience. Here is the link to the official statement by the university. If you have any more questions or concerns on this matter please contact the Center for Global engagement (434) 592-6500 and

Thank you,

[NAME REMOVED… for now]

Help Liberty. Call the number and make the same inquiries about Benny Hinn and your disapproval. It’s very easy to see through the damage control updates going on… Note the video interviews with Godwin and Hinn’s book in the links above… There should be NO affiliation at all with any part or extension of the university.


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  1. That affiliation reveals a failure on the part of the University to include Truth in its decision-maker. Whoever is in charge there needs to be challenged. Isn’t the Board of Trustees involved and Christian enough to intervene?

  2. Max,

    I find it a bit odd that your worry over this situation seems to be entirely focused on the fact that Benny Hinn is a heretic, and not that he’s a *charlatan*. Surely, that’s the real problem here (or am I missing something)?

  3. Liberty University has other things to worry about, e.g. being an intentional factory for ‘young earth creationists’:

    Did you take the course “Creation Studies 209” at Liberty, Max? Apparently *all* Liberty students must take this course. Do you therefore support the young earth-orientation of many/most at Liberty University?

    Liberty University’s Statement of Faith includes the line: “The universe was created in six historical days”

    Did you sign this SoF?

    • If you can tell me how long those six historical days were FROM that statement of faith then you’ve got me against the wall. I know authors of the statement who worded it particularly that way to allow for non- YEC but YEC ended up hijacking it anyways. I won’t name names, so don’t ask.

      • Yes, it seems “YEC ended up hijacking it anyways” is sadly too common amongst evangelical Protestant Christian communities in the USA. Liberty University, however, is not innocent in this matter. It intentionally teaches YECism to its students. Is this not true?

        Repeat: Did you take the course “Creation Studies 209” at Liberty, Max? Is it not a required course for *all* Liberty University students that explicitly teaches a ‘young earth’?

        You wrote here on this blog: “I find the record of nature to support the proposition that the universe is old (billions of years) by overwhelming evidence. There is hardly any evidence for a young earth, if indeed there is any at all.”

        Does that not mean you should likewise ‘protest’ against Liberty’s “Creation Studies 209” course just as much as you are protesting now against the affiliation of Benny Hinn with your alma mater?

        “Help Liberty” by also protesting against YECism?

  4. How is Hinn heretical, what does he teach, thats scriptural?

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