Ergun Caner and The Great Evangelical Coverup

by Max Andrews

For the last 6 [or so] years Ergun Caner has buried himself in a controversy of lies. I was a Liberty University student who sat in during many of Caner’s false claims of debating several Muslim apologists, which he claimed were misstatements, and apparent falsities concerning his history. I was a graduate assistant during the exposure of these problems and whilst talking with some other GA’s who knew/worked with Caner I was told that he wasn’t “allowed” to defend himself. As a student who sat under dozens of his sermons I feel particularly invested in Caner’s restoration.

This has been [rightly] dubbed The Great Evangelical Coverup–and it’s true. The evidence is incredibly overwhelming with so much evidence falsifying his claims of history and experience (see this account, which has is several years old but still worth noting–more has since been uncovered). Unfortunately, Caner has resorted to suing a pastor in good standing with his congregation [Southern Baptist] over use of a publicly available talk of Caner speaking to US Marines that contain documented lies.

My intent is not for me to be another reference for documenting the problems and lies but to make this information available to the Evangelical community. If we, as Christians, are to seek the truth and follow the evidence then this should be concerning amongst our churches. Caner needs to either defend himself with reasoned arguments and evidence that respond directly to the arguments against him or come out, apologize, repent, and seek restoration within the Church. I’ve followed this controversy since things started to be questioned and evidence started to overwhelm Caner’s claims.

James White has thorough documentation and has lovingly sought to bring Caner and his constituents to account for these actions whilst receiving, what amounts to be, hate and degradation. I hope this and the video below brings things to your attention and that you’d call for Christians to seek the truth and follow the evidence. Should the evidence warrant falsification of many of Caner’s claims about his childhood and apologetics experience then let’s lovingly call for repentance and restoration.

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  1. Thanks Max! Dr White did a stellar job on this.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to light.
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