Ratio Christi Event – How to Argue for the Existence of God (Audio & PPT)

by Max Andrews

How to Argue for the Existence of GodOn 8 November 2012 I did a presentation to the Ratio Christi club at Liberty University on how to argue for the existence of God. It was designed to be a smaller training session for the Ratio Christi members. I discussed the importance of apologetics and the difference between knowing your faith to be true and showing your faith to be true. That was the followed by methodological differences and my use of the classical approach.

I then gave three arguments: 1) Thomas’ cosmological argument from contingency, 2) the abductive fine-tuning argument, and 3) the abductive moral argument (or as I like to say, the new moral argument). This was then followed by practical pointers and tips when dialoguing with an unbeliever. Certain things should be left alone that are irrelevant to the debate such as whether or not God commanded genocides in the Bible. That’s an issue of inerrancy, which is not a necessary condition for the existence of God as many try to claim.

You can download the 86 minute audio lecture as well as the PowerPoint I used with the notes.

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