I’m Okay, You’re Okay

by Max Andrews
The following is a guest blog post by Mike “MoonDog” Burnette…
I It’s probably just me, but even as a Christian I occasionally have feelings of inadequacy. For whatever reason unable to convince myself at the deepest level, on any full-time basis, of my own self-worth. Inadequate to my job, inadequate to my boss, inadequate to my wife, and inadequate to myself. Perhaps that is why I was a radio DJ for nearly 30 years; showing off in front of others to have my own shaky feelings of self-confidence affirmed from the outside. “How’s that working for you?!” Shut-up Dr. Phil this is my article.
For the most it’s better now due to my trust in God and maturity. The evidence of my value and efficacy has mounted up to the point I find it harder to sustain feeling of worthlessness. But, we’re all human, yes? Here’s what I recommend when these feelings of inadequacy strike you. Whether you’re a philosopher, teacher, preacher, or speaker–remember that we all get them. They bear little relationship to reality, so treat them like an annoying co-worker, to be endured for a while, until it passes in its own time. Through years of spiritual growth, maturation, and recognition, I’ve become quite comfortable with who I am. I don’t desire as much adulation now, but I do believe God has gifted me with abilities that I’m responsible for. That’s why I want to provide free media feedback to evangelist-apologists.
I suppose I’ll have to live with these unexpected, and often disconcerting feelings for the rest of my life. I suspect I’m not alone.

Mike “MoonDog” Burnette started the Apologetics Media Centre with a vision of educating and raising up future generations of effective, media savvy evangelist-apologists. Allow this ministry to coach and provide feedback for your media presentations. Follow me on Twitter: @MoonDogBurnette

One Comment to “I’m Okay, You’re Okay”

  1. I had a small ministry for 13yrs where apologetics was the central focus. The inner circle discussions compared to the external were significantly different. How I treated others was dependent on who I was speaking with, but sometimes I had to wonder who they were talking to.

    I found myself many times defending the faith vigorously. I also recall times of significant treasures being thrown to the swine. The faithless remain faithless. It is at those times that you question yourself, your judgement of handling the word of The Lord. Fortunately there have been fruitful results too…


    I am beyond confident that The Lord is good. As for me, I desire to serve The Lord but frequently do not serve him the way another man might sacrifice more than I ever have.

    I remain thankful for being given the opportunity to know the truth and to reach others with it.

    Yes. I love a good ole fashion debate. Any subject will do.

    Today I find myself digging deeper into science related material as there are new discoveries that expose the excellent hands of a divinely labeled creation.

    Thanks for raiding the airwaves and I pray that The Lord continues to use you for greater and greater things. His grace is sufficient the 21st of December 2012 and beyond… Oh and today too.

    Be blessed.

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