Call for Papers on the Philosophy of Science and Science

by Max Andrews

This is a call for papers to be submitted to me for online publication with Sententias. I’m looking for about ten papers. Please include an abstract and Turabian format. The paper can be a minimum of 4 pages but there’s not maximal limit. I will compile the papers and put them in the first volume and issue of the Sententias Journal (Free online PDF file). This is just to kickstart more activity for Sententias to take part in. Depending on the feedback and participation we can make this a peer-reviewed process so we can have some respectable esteem. But, for now, we need to start modestly. Theists, atheists, Christians, evolutionists, and intelligent design proponents are all welcome. Here are a few suggested options:

    • What’s a scientific theory?
    • What’s a scientific explanation?
    • Breaking down a particular interpretation of quantum physics.
    • Brak down a model of cosmological origins.
    • Argue for Darwinism
    • Argue for intelligent design
    • Multiverse scenarios
    • realism/anti-realism/constructive empiricism
    • regularity theory vs. necessitarianism
    • The Anthropic Principle
    • Information theory
    • Discussions in biochemistry and biology

Those are just to help get you thinking. If you already have a paper, you’re on a great start. I’ll take the first ten best papers. Please email the papers and abstracts to mlandrews {at} I’ll do the touch-ups on the formatting and citations.

I hope this picks up off of the ground, so let’s get this going!

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