This Week’s Annual EPS Conference

by Max Andrews

Tomorrow morning Leah and I will be flying out to Milwaukee, WI for the annual Evangelical Philosophical Society conference at the Hyatt Regency. I have coauthored a paper with Dave Beck titled “God and the Multiverse.” In it we develop a new model of modal realism, what we call Thomistic Modal Realism. Below is the abstract of our paper.

Wednesday 14 Nov.
10.10—10.50 (Hyatt Executive B)
W. David Beck
Max L. E. Andrews
(Liberty University)
God and the Multiverse

Recent developments in quantum physics postulate the existence of some form of multiverse.  We will argue that a cosmology of many worlds is not novel either to philosophy or to theism.  The multiverse is not a monolithic concept and we will refer to and use the four levels of categorization proposed by Max Tegmark.  We will trace the idea of a multiverse back to the pre-Socratics, Plato and Aristotle in order to initially demonstrate its fit with a concept of God. We then examine the argument for possible compatibility based on a principle of plenitude in three specifically Christian theists: Origen, Thomas Aquinas, and G. W. Leibniz. We conclude that this argument is sustainable so that if any level of the multiverse actually exists then it is harmonious with theism.

If you’d like to meet up please let me know. Send me an email at mlandrews{at} Below are the sessions I plan on attending at the moment, which may possibly change and have additions later.


08.30—09.10 (Frontier Airlines Center—201 B)
Craig Hinkson
(Liberty University)
Kierkegaard’s Teaching on the Will—Liberum Arbitrium or Servum Arbitrium?

09.20—10.00 (Frontier Airlines Center 201 D)
Kirk R. MacGregor
The Impossibility of Evolution Apart from a God with Middle Knowledge

10.10—10.50 (Hyatt Executive B)
W. David Beck
Max L. E. Andrews
(Liberty University)
God and the Multiverse

15.00-16.30 (Frontier Airlines Center—Ballrooms ABC)
Plenary Address (Charles Taliaferro)

16.40—17.20 (Hyatt Lakeshore C)
Edward N. Martin
(Liberty University)
Mere Immortality, or God, Freedom and Evil?: Reappraisals of the Role of Immortality for the Highest Good in Kant’s System

20.00—22.00 (Hyatt Executive ABC)
Reception Dinner
JP Moreland
(Biola University)


09.20—10.00 (Frontier Airlines Center—102 A)
Thomas A Provenzola
(Liberty University)
Whose Myth? Which Axiom? The Transforming Virtue of Sub-Creation in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Mythology

10.10-10.50 (Frontier Airlines 102 E)
William Lane Craig
(Talbot School of Theology)
Truth—Who Needs It?


11.00—11.40  (Frontier Airlines Center—Ballroom ABC)
Presidential Address (Paul Copan)

15.00—15.40 (Lakeshore C)
Michael Licona
Viewing the Gospels as Ancient Biographies Resolves Many Perceived Contradictions

15.00—15.40 (Hyatt Executive B)
David Baggett
(Liberty University)
On a Paradox about the Good—Retitled to “Goodness, Teleology, and Divine Resemblance.”

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  1. Hope it goes well! I live in Milwaukee and will be attending the evening EPS talks at Spring Creek Church on Thurs/Fri/Sat.

    Not sure if you’ll be at any of those…but if so, I might see you.

    (I can also direct you to some good local restaurants, if you’re interested.)

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