The Epistemology Directory

by Max Andrews
Below is a collection of all my blog posts specifically related to epistemology.
  1. My Evidentialist Epistemology
  2. Onto-Relationships and Epistemology
  3. Why Plantinga’s Warrant Cannot Circumvent the Gettier Problem
  4. A General Rule for Gettier Cases
  5. Empiricism and Being in the Right Phenomenological Frame of Mind
  6. Meet Philosopher Linda Zagzebski
  7. The Connection Between Phenomenology and Existentialism
  8. A Response to Alvin Plantinga’s “The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology”
  9. Alex Rosenberg on Whether Philosophy Emerges from Science
  10. Steven Wykstra’s “Toward a Sensible Evidentialism: ‘On the Notion of Needing Evidence.'”
  11. Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Epistemology
  12. New Paper: “Epistemological Scientific Realism and the Onto-Relationship of Inferentially Justified and Non-Inferentially Justified Beliefs”
  13. Immanuel Kant–Noumenal Knowledge
  14. C.S. Lewis’ Sehnsucht and the Epistemic Split
  15. Scientific Theology and Evidentialism
  16. We Have a Moral Obligation to Follow the Evidence
  17. Can Scientists Pursue Science Apart from a Robust Epistemology? Part 1
  18. Can Scientists Pursue Science Apart from a Robust Epistemology? Part 2
  19. Why Every Christian Must Practice Epistemic Humility
  20. The Historical Development of Subjectivism
  21. Is Heisenberg a Defeater for an Evidentialist Epistemology?
  22. Inferential Justification and Empiricism

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