The Magis Center for Reason and Faith

by Max Andrews

A reader of the blog recently contacted me about the Magis Center for Reason and Faith. I’ve since added it to the Resources page. A few years ago I was able to listen to Fr. Robert Spitzer give a presentation on the fine-tuning of physics. (I don’t remember if you can see me in the video but I’m in the house right.) There’s a wonderful resource, the Physics FAQ, which I’ve linked below.

The Magis Center of Reason and Faith is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to explaining the consistency between science and spirituality in contemporary physics. In the past ten years, implications of transcendence in physics, philosophy of mathematics, and metaphysics have become more pronounced. Indeed, no other decade in history has revealed more or better evidence for God. So what is this evidence?

In astrophysics, several major discoveries pointing to a beginning and creation of the uni- verse have been made. Three discoveries are very significant here:

1) The likelihood that our universe is inflationary (expanding) and will continue to expand forever.

2) The strong implication that inflationary universes have a beginning of
time. This is critical, because anything with a beginning requires a cause for its beginning. Otherwise matter would have to come into being out of nothing, which defies logic.

3) The extremely high improbability that our universe would be able to sustain any form of life without extraordinarily complex fine-tuning.

To see the read the rest of the document please download it at the MCRF.

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