The Multiverse Directory

by Max Andrews

I have gathered together all my posts relevant to the multiverse. Since this is one of the biggest topics on the blog, I thought having all the posts gathered into one place would make finding the content much easier.

  1. Quantum Entanglement and the Many Worlds Interpretation
  2. Cosmic Darwinism: Evolving Laws of Nature?
  3. A Theological Argument for Many Worlds
  4. Fine-Tuning of the Multiverse Lecture and PPT
  5. The Multiverse and Causal Abstract Objects
  6. An Outline of Tegmark’s Four Levels of the Multiverse
  7. This History of the Multiverse and the Philosophy of Science
  8. The Theological Attraction of the Multiverse
  9. Hugh Everett and the Many Worlds Interpretation
  10. Decoherence
  11. Physical Evidence of the Multiverse
  12. The Multiverse, Fine-Tuning, and Nomic Probabilities
  13. The Exceptions to the BVG Theorem
  14. Loop Quantum Cosmology in the Cosmic Microwave Background
  15. I’m Presenting a Paper at EPS on God and the Multiverse
  16. Plantingan Modal Realism
  17. Nonlocality as Evidence for a Multiverse Cosmology
  18. A New Drake Equation: The Probability of Life in the Multiverse
  19. Modal Realism
  20. Karl Popper on the Many Worlds Interpretation
  21. The Fine-Tuning of the Multiverse Lecture Audio
  22. The Laws of Nature and the Metaphysical Multiverse
  23. The Fine-Tuning Argument and Random Sampling in a Multiverse
  24. Word of the Week Wednesday: Multiverse
  25. What is This Thing Called String Theory?
  26. Modal Realism, the Multiverse, and the Problem of Evil
  27. Divine Simplicity and the Multiverse–Thomas Aquinas Approved
  28. Christological Implications of the Multiverse Theory
  29. Living in the Multiverse–Is it Science?
  30. The Philosophy Behind ‘Source Code’

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  1. This is bound to be the subject of a discussion group I’m organizing. You really do have a talent for ideas and organizing them!

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