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June 28th, 2012

Theology Thursday: Friedrich Schleiermacher Part 2

by Max Andrews

Theologian: Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher (1768 – 1834) on his theological method

More on his theology: Schleiermacher’s theological method was to examine those feelings (see his concept of religion for a greater context). This made the nature of religion to be a non-thinking endeavor (scientific approach was eliminated by Immanuel Kant).  Here he is attacking the historic Christian position that theology is a science.  Also, the religious nature is not ethics (acting morally) either; rather, it is feeling which works its way out in the absolute dependence.  The absolute dependence is the a priori form of the self-conciousness that then works its way out from feelings.

Friedrich Schleiermacher’s theological method is based upon human religious experience. According to Schleiermacher, all human beings are subject to a feeling of dependency upon Someone or Something Greater. This feeling of absolute dependency is universal among all mankind, and is the essence of true religion. For Schleiermacher, religion is rooted in our experience as human beings, in how we feel about God, in our individual emotive response to God.

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