Science and Human Origins: An Important New Book by Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe and Casey Luskin

by Max Andrews

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Lurking behind the evolution debate is a question that is smaller than evolution as a whole, having encompassed only an exceedingly brief span of time in the more than 3-billion-year history of life. Yet in emotional terms, for Darwinists and Darwin doubters alike, this question — the mystery of human origins — drives the controversy around Darwinian theory as does no other point of contention.

Intensely personal in a way the bacterial flagellum never will be, it is the subject of an important new book just published by Discovery Institute Press. You will hear a lot about it from us in coming days, including from the book’s scientist authors, Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe and Casey Luskin.

Science and Human Origins is a book about science yet its importance lies no less in anthropology. Not anthropology the social-science field, but the ageless enigma of what a man is. Are you a clever animal, or something incomparably other? In his Introduction, John West cites G.K. Chesterton who wrote that, “Man is not merely an evolution but rather a revolution.” That frames the subject concisely.

If the book’s message can be crystalized in brief, it is that the scientific mystery of man’s origins remains very much a mystery. Aggressive advocates of scientism — and some equally aggressive theistic evolutionists who claim to disavow scientism — insist that evolutionary biology has got us all figured out. But this is a huge bluff. The highlights of Science and Human Origins include:

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2 Comments to “Science and Human Origins: An Important New Book by Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe and Casey Luskin”

  1. Three ID-Creationists, none of whom have any qualifications or experience EVEN REMOTELY relevant to Biological Anthropology, nonetheless decide to pontificate on the subject.

    What this book amounts to is one great big Argument from Personal Ignorance (a logical fallacy, in case you didn’t know).

    • I guess you’ve never read any of their material. You’re simply factually wrong here. So what’s your argument? Luskin isn’t a scientist but he has a degree in evolutionary biology. Your facts aren’t even correct. I’m not surprised. The equivocation (logical fallacy…) with creationism is false too. Then, to simply get the facts wrong and say they’re not qualified is just wrong lol. Great argument. Twice wrong. Are you pontificating on your credentials to say the contrary to them? Please say you have the qualifications and experience that surpasses theirs. Otherwise, you’ve simply state a fallacy and ignorance.

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