A Review of Salvation and Sovereignty (Journal Publication)

by Max Andrews

I did a review of Ken Keathley’s Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach (Nashville, TN: B&H, 2010) in the Midwestern Journal of Theology 9 no. 2 (Fall 2010) issue.  Below is the first paragraph of the review and a link to download the whole PDF version (with appropriate copyright information).

Molinism seems to be a mere drop in the bucket of theological thought with little attention in Church history.  Ken Keathley’s Salvation and Sovereignty surely brings hope of resurgence to the little known school of thought.  With an exemplary effort to reconcile some of the most difficult theological doctrines.  Keathley demonstrates amazing consistency in his pursuit for a Biblical understanding of salvation and divine sovereignty.  Just as the Calvinist has his TULIP so does the Molinist have his ROSES.  The acronym may be understood as “R” for radical depravity, “O” for overcoming grace, “S” for sovereign election, “E” for eternal life, and “S” for singular redemption.


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  1. Hello Max. I too am a graduate from Liberty. I earned two Masters there and hope to earn my PhD. in Theology and Apologetics. I have studied the debate between Calvinism and Arminianism for many years and am very acquainted with the arguments on both sides. I have been a Calvinist for many years and have often rigorously defended it both online and off. However, after reading Keathley’s book, I have come to reconsider my theological commitments. I resonated with much of what he has written, along with much that you have written, however, I am stuck on a few issues that perhaps you can clarify for me. First, I still do not understand how keathley’s overcoming grace model is monergistic. I really would appreciate some clarification. Furthermore, I am having difficulty swallowing the idea that faith precedes regeneration. I see good scriptural support for it. Can you point me to a good defense of the view where “faith precedes regeneration”? I hope you find the time to briefly respond to my questions. I appreciate your work and intend to read through your website quite thoroughly. God Bless sir and continue allowing God to use you for His glory. -Blessings!!!

    • Elias, thanks for the comment and readership of both me and Keathley’s material. I’m actually coming out with a new ebook on Molinism, which is more technical than my first ebook: http://www.amazon.com/An-Introduction-Molinism-Scripture-Ordered-ebook/dp/B00KU0VW2K where I do discuss a bit more about how it’s monergistic. However, admittedly, I don’t focus so much on soteriology as the title is “The Philosophy, Theology, and Science of Molinism”. I do, however, discuss John 6 and Romans 9. I’m sorry to delay an answer for you but perhaps I can help out more when it’s released in the new year.

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