Free Will vs. Determinism PPT

by Max Andrews

Here is an old lecture PPT defining the differences between soft/hard libertarian freedom and soft/hard determinism.  There are a lot of discussion points in the notes section.  I ususally have a great discussion with the class when I teach this.  So, for you teachers out there, feel free to use this material as you wish and, if anything, I hope it helps grow your knowledge on the subject.  Feel free to follow the sources cited.

Determinism:  Choices are caused by prior decisions
Hard Determinism:  Free will is an illusion
Soft Determinism:  Free will is compatible with determinism
Libertarianism:  Choices originate within persons
Hard Libertarianism:  Persons always have free will
Soft Libertarianism:  Persons have free will at significant times

2 Comments to “Free Will vs. Determinism PPT”

  1. I don’t think Soft Determinism is even a coherent concept. It just seems aspiration. Am I alone?

  2. I think the whole topic is rather odd. It seems to me that we bought into Aristotle’s idea of liberty and that is where we went wrong. Aristotle thought liberty was opposed to necessity. But that is a category mistake. Contingency is opposed to necessity. Liberty is intrinsic to the will. If it weren’t then even God wouldn’t be free, for he necessarily loves himself, but he does so freely.

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