Word of the Week Wednesday: Plantingan Modal Realism

by Max Andrews

Word of the Week: Plantingan Modal Realism

Defininition:  The modal metaphyiscs of Alvin Plantinga.

More about the word:  Contra to mere theisitic modal realism  and their doctrines Alvin Plantinga includes a commitment to a very large modal reality. Any object that has an accidental property in any world w–say, property of being the world’s tallest man–also has the modal property of being possibly the world’s fastest human and the modal property of being necessarily the world’s fastest human in w.  For every concredete object x there is some property P and some world w wuch that w includes x’s having P.  For Plantinga’s modal realism, abstract worlds are abstract objects. In theistic modal realism each possible world is the mereological sum of its parts.  These parts are themseves concrete individuals with spatiotemporal properties.  Plantinga’s modal realism does not necessarily entail multiverse scenarios. (For more see Michale Almaeida’s, Metaphysics of Perfect Beings, 140-50.)

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