Jesus the Child

by Max Andrews

The Birth of Christ

Announcement made to the shepherds (Luke 2.8-20)

  • Shepherds considered unclean
  • Shepherds not educated
  • God revealed His glory
  • Not to priests but shepherds
  • Not in the temple but in a field
  • God gave a sign
  • A baby in a manger
  • Wrapped in cloth
  • In a manger not a palace
  • Wrapped in cloth not luxurious

Arrival of the wise men (Mt. 2.1-12)

  • Gentiles from the East
  • Revelation from the star
  • Wealth of the Gentiles brought to Israel’s Messiah
  • Gold, deity
  • Frankincense, priesthood
  • Myrrh, death
  • Gifts worthy of a king

The Infancy of the King

Dedication of Jesus (Luke 2.22-38)

In Bethlehem (Mt. 2.1-12)

In Egypt (Mt. 2.13-18) [Hos. 11.1]

In Nazareth (2.19-23)

  • Military town
  • Occupied by Romans
  • Jews in Nazareth catered to the Romans in order to make a living
  • Jews in Jerusalem hated those who associated with Romans
  • Jerusalem was known as a place for the wise people
  • Galilee known as a place for rich people
  • Is. 53.3

The Boyhood of Christ

Luke 2.40-52

  • Grew—physical growth
  • Strong in the Spirit—spiritual growth
  • Filled with wisdom—intellectual growth
  • Visit to Jerusalem (2.41-50)
  • To observe Feast of Passover
  • Obedience

3 Comments to “Jesus the Child”

  1. Would the child Jesus ever miss any questions on a school test? I’ve always wondered how His unique mix of humanity and deity played out during His childhood years.

    • That’s always fun to think about. Just off the cuff I’d say that Jesus had to learn just like any other child. Regarding the self-understanding of Christ, I’d say his divinity was a subconscious. He could have accessed his omniscience if he wanted to but I’m sure he would have messed up 4 x 7 when learning it for the first time. However, if he wanted to access quantum mechanics I think he could have. Whether that access is by his power or the Spirit’s power I don’t know.

  2. Could he fail a test as a child? It must have been hard having a sibling like that.

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