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April 25th, 2012

Email Subscriptions to the Blog

by Max Andrews

I’ve just found out that if you had once subscribed to the blog via email you may not be getting your emails anymore.  What happened was when I switched hosting platforms for the blog the emails didn’t carry over.  I lost nearly 800 subscribers because of this.  If this happened to you, or if you’d like to sign up for the first time, please enter your email into the field on the right hand column.  I’m sorry about this but hopefully you’ll still follow via email, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed, or via any other means.  I’ve got many great posts scheduled to be released soon as well as the video of the VT debate. Cheers!

April 25th, 2012

Word of the Week Wednesday: Creatio de Novo

by Max Andrews

The Word of the Week is: Creatio de Novo

Definition:  Latin for creation [or created] afresh.

More about the term:  Progressive creationism sees the creative work of God as a combination of a series of de novo creative acts and an immanent or processive operation.  God at several points, rather widely separated in time, created de novo.  On these occasions he did not make use of previously existing life, simply modifying it.  While he might have brought into being something quite similar to an already existing creation, there were a number of changes and the product of his work was a completely new creature.  Notice that this is completely compatible with common descent evolution and intelligent design.  This isn’t Darwinism but it may be accurate to say that creatio de novo is a categorically acceptable position for theistic evolutionists.  God takes preexisting forms and adds information to that form to have a creation de novo.

For more on this please see Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology ed 2; Hugh Ross’ A Matter of Days; and Fuz Rana’s Who Was Adam?

April 25th, 2012

Be Careful What You Pray For

by Max Andrews

I follow a blog belonging to a good friend of mine and she has excellent, provoking, and challenging posts.  I read her most recent one and I thought I’d share it here.  I would encourage you to sign up and follow her via email or RSS feed.  Her blog is ALLISONJBRAUN. Can you guess what her name is?  Also, feel free to follow her on Twitter: @iateacandleonce

In my life I have seen God answer my prayers in very, very interesting ways.  He is always so Faithful though He may not always answer them the way “we” think or expect Him to.

I could tell a hundred stories of how God has miraculously answered my prayers (seriously, I have some crazy ones, ask me anytime).  Miraculous in good ways and bad.  But nonetheless, for His glory only.

I am here to tell you if you are serious about God and are serious about prayer- be prepared and be careful what you pray for.  Because He may actually answer them.

Recently, I have been praying that I would be more generous and loving.  Generous not just with my money, but with my time, possessions, words, or whatever it may be. And praying that I would learn and grow to truly love others with Christ’s love and see people with His eyes.

Yep, that might sound good and all in a prayer.  And I do mean it.  But of course I don’t know about how God will actually grant these wonderful requests to me… CONTINUE READING