Immanuel Kant and the Human Moral Situation Part 2

by Max Andrews

For a greater context of discussion please see Part 1.

Concerning the human moral situation, there is a radical evil in us that tends toward evil and is linked to our actual will.  There is good implanted in every man fighting an “invisible foe who screens himself behind reason.”  Humans freely sin and are personally responsible to the God postulated and known to be true in the moral act.  Our sin goes against the categorical imperative of the mind.

Humans ought to be perfectible and ultimately can be perfected, this is living in the cat-imp Which every is obligated to keep.  Religion in Christianity gives a moral lawgiver whose will ought to be man’s final goal and end which is the ultimate goal for morality, “that which alone can render a world the object of a divine decree and the end of creation.”

It is our universal duty to elevate ourselves to this ideal.  The idea of the perfect human exists eternally in the mind of God, specifically the Son of God.  All persons are ware of feeling a moral obligation.  Oughtness, implies ability and therefore freedom to do what morally must be done, living in the cat-imp.  Our actions are free so we must overcome the evil in us.  God’s divine mind maintains the morally perfect human, God’s only-begotten Son, which the idea of is present in our reasoning, therefore this is what the human moral situation should be because it is perfection in the mind of God.

The ideal of the perfect human is in one sense innate in all humans.  By living in the cat-imp, the moral reason (faith), we become Sons of God and attain perfection.  Even though never named, Jesus is alluded to and made the obvious choice and is the example we are to live by as he lived the cat-imp perfectly, by adopting moral principles as your own and striving toward perfection.  Jesus is the historical exemplar of the ideal that God has in his mind and is the example of attaining moral perfection.  By regarding as our archetype the Son of God who assumed “sorrows in fullest measure in order to further the world’s good.”

Man by nature has an evil that must be overcome.  This is done my freely choosing to live in the cat-imp which is to live to the highest moral ethic innate in every person.  This is our obligation as it is perfection in the mind of God.  God gives us an example of the person who lived the cat-imp perfectly, Jesus Christ.


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