No Dawkins? Don’t be Daft!

by Max Andrews

There have been quite the development of criticisms of Richard Dawkins in the last few weeks in light of his denial to debate Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. I’ve been a participant in the blogosphere and in the forums and I’m familiar with what others are saying about everything. The basic principle that’s being asserted is that Dawkins will have a monologue concerning his arguments against God but he will not dialogue about it. I mean really, why debate the existence of fictitious entities and fairies?

Sure, good point. But why write a book about the equivalent concept of God and get money for it? Why go on to news programs and debate interviewers and heavyweight intellectuals like Bill O’Reilly? Why go to tiny colleges like Randolph Macon in Lynchburg, VA and make such claims but not defend them on your home grounds at Oxford?

The claims against Dawkins have been reciprocated by the atheists. Consider the free thought blog Butterflies and Wheels. This blogger’s approach was attacking Oxford’s bus campaign, which is a satire of the 2009 British Humanist campaign with bus ads reading “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy life.” This blogger takes the same tactic as mocking the buses and taking the same argument I listed above. What’s funny is that she doesn’t get the new tagline, “There’s probably no Dawkins.” This just demonstrates this blogger’s ignorance concerning what’s going on. It has to do with the empty chair, as in, Dawkins probably isn’t going to show up. We aren’t claiming Dawkins doesn’t exist. Don’t be daft.



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  1. So why won’t Richard Dawkins debate W. L. Craig? Your response above (‘fictitious entities and fairies’) is moronic and juvenile, so it won’t do as an answer. After all, he has debated others in the past on this very topic. My guess? He’s afraid of losing (which he would – Craig is a million times smarter, and he knows it).

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