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December 17th, 2010

Thanks to William Lane Craig & Reasonable Faith

by Max Andrews

William Lane Craig has been the greatest influence on my spiritual and intellectual life to date.  Soon after I became a Christian I began to ask questions and needed substance to base my faith on.  I [randomly] found Dr. Craig’s debate with Austin Dacey, which prompted me to listen to both sides carefully and to research more of Dr. Craig’s work.  If it were not for Dr. Craig and the Reasonable Faith ministry I’m convinced my faith and relationship with Christ would not be as strong as it is right now.  I’ve since graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies and I’m currently working on my Master’s in Philosophy.

I appreciate Dr. Craig’s transparence and passion for the gospel.  When you listen to the Defender’s Podcast (his Sunday school lessons) he will range from quantum mechanics and abstract objects to middle knowledge and tie it back to an application.  It’s more than lofty philosophical thought that suffices for comfortable theodicies.  He addresses the honest questions of meaning, value, and purpose, questions that we all face and will question at some point.  His work on the absurdity of life without God has allowed me to make sense of personal and existential questions of mine.

I'm on the far right with the glasses.

There’s so much to Dr. Craig that we don’t know about.  I was privileged enough to meet him and know him better when he debated Michael Tooley at UNC Charlotte.  I found out that he and his wife, Jan, pray for the users in the forum and was genuinely concerned and were prayerful for a certain situation that has been made known.  He was personable and expressed care and attention to me while we spoke.  He is a composed and tactful gentleman.  (I need to learn from his patience when dealing with frustrating moments during debates and dialogues!)  This fruit demonstrates that he’s not a showboat.  He’s not in it for the money, publishing, or any other motivation.  In his most recent newsletter, in closing, he stated,


In whatever circumstances you find yourself this Christmas, whether enjoying the warmth of family and church or perhaps alone serving God or country on a foreign field or facing times of economic hardship or struggling with health, we wish for you a Christmas filled with a consciousness of God’s love, a love which would prompt Him to take on our broken human condition to bring us eternal life.

This wasn’t an impersonal “Merry Christmas,” but an inclusive desire for relationship with God, for us to know his love.  A love that overcomes our human condition and bring about atonement.  He sympathizes with those who are serving (like my brother), with those who are facing financial problems, and with those who are sick or in pain.  I always look forward to the monthly newsletters because I often feel as if it’s a personal letter to me updating me on what he’s up to.

Thank you, Dr. Craig, Jan, and the Reasonable Faith ministry, for making scholarship and ministry function together.  You’ve been used by God for me (and I know many others) to have substance to my faith.  Thank you for helping me have a reasonable faith.  I’ll be praying for you.