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October 9th, 2010

Philosophy as a Way of Life

by Max Andrews

For the philosopher, philosophy is life and life is philosophy.  There are many underpinnings to this notion.  Our philosophy shapes our life and how we live whether we recognize it or not.  It’s how we think and how we come to the conclusions we come to (and why that is the conclusion rendered).  Our purpose in life is to know God.  Knowing God entails enjoying him, worshipping him, serving him, etc.  Just as it is in any other relationship, knowledge of the other person creates intimacy.  We need to know God by loving him with all of our mind.  That means we cannot simply perform Bible studies our discussions by making a B line to every conclusion.  Sincerely criticize every step in reasoning and the conclusion (but I would advise you to not adopt a skeptic’s epistemology, you’ll have the hardest time knowing anything).  If you’re not asking questions, you’re not paying attention.